PHOTOS: De-Arching of Lakewood McDonald’s Makes Way for Nature’s Bin

Are we the only ones who get all warm and fuzzy when we see workers taking DOWN the iconic golden arches from the Sloane Road McDonald’s?

Nature’s Bin, just a few yards away, purchased the restaurant, which was vacated when it moved to the higher traffic location on Detroit Road where the historic Detroit Theatre once stood.


And don’t you love the term “de-arching?” Maybe we should have a little more de-arching around Northeast Ohio. It can only help  a region like Greater Cleveland, with their burgeoning reputation as a celebrated center of culinary excellence. “A culinary boom…” proclaims MSN Travel. Let the de-arching continue!


Meanwhile, Nature’s Bin swoops in to save the day, taking over the abandoned restaurant facility, turning it instead into  their Vocational Training Center,

Just announced: The Cleveland Foundation has awarded a $150,000 grant to Cornucopia, Inc., the parent company of Nature’s Bin to help fund the renovation and expand its food preparation and catering services, and the vocational training programs that are at the heart of the organization.

“This new space will enable us to increase the number of food prep trainees from four a year to as many as 24 annually, while also expanding our catering services in the community” said Scott Duennes, executive director of Cornucopia, Inc. “We are grateful to the Cleveland Foundation for supporting this expansion by coming in with the largest single donation to date for this project.”


The hope is that the renovation will begin by the end of the year, with the new space operating by late Spring.

In the meantime, Nature’s Bin is your best choice for healthy, organic and natural fresh foods year-round.

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