VIDEO: $100K or More for Your Start-Up Idea

VIDEO: $100K or More for Your Start-Up Idea
Bizdom Supports Cle Entrepreneurs

Started by Dan Gilbert over 5 years ago in Detroit, Bizdom is now launching in Cleveland, and looking for the best new ideas for sustainable and scalable businesses. And they’re offering $100,000 or more to help you get your cool idea off the ground.

In this exclusive interview, Cleveland Recruiting Leader Andradia Scovil explains how the program works, and the timeline: your applications are due¬†Fri 9/9/11, and info sessions are scheduled for Mon 8/22, Wed 8/24 & Tue 8/30. If you’re ready to put your nose to the grindstone and perform at the highest level, watch this video and get in touch with Bizdom¬†here.


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  1. Love it. Love CoolCleveland.

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