Rock Hall CEO Greg Harris Tells His Tales at the Music Box’s Cleveland Stories Series

Wed 10/11 @ 7PM

Rock Hall CEO and president Greg Harris comes to the Music Box Supper Club’s weekly Cleveland Stories series to talk about what’s going on at that big glass pyramid by the lake: where it’s been and where it’s going. Maybe he’ll share some stories about the celebrities who have stopped by — you could always ask him during the Q&A.

The series includes a special fixed price $20 dinner, coordinated with the evening’s topic. This week it features cream of shroomies soup, smothered “smuggled” burrito and a cosmic brownie sundae. Hey — are they suggesting rock and rollers use … gasp … drugs? It can’t be!

Doors open at 5 for dinner and reservations are required. It’s free to attend the program itself, which starts at 7.

Music Box Cleveland Stories

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