Have a Haunted Mardi Gras with Author Charles Cassady at the West Side Denny’s

Sat 10/7 @ 8PM

Since he’s written several nonfiction books on paranormal and occult topics, you might think local author Charles Cassady will smite you with a curse for missing one of his book appearances. But rest assured he’s got other people higher on his list; it’ll take time to work his way down to you.

Not reassured enough? Be at the Denny’s on W. 150th Street in Cleveland for the monthly meeting of North Coast Info Quest, a paranormal-radio listener group. Cassady will debut his new book Crescent City Crimes.

It’s his first foray into true-crime territory — historical accounts of mayhem, vice and murder in old New Orleans (with a special emphasis on ghosts, Voodoo and other bizarre French Quarter local color). The city celebrates its 300th anniversary next year.

The meeting is free and open to visitors.



[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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