Come to Ohio City’s Townhall to Learn Why You Should Cut Out the Sugar

Mon 10/9 @ 6:30-8PM

There are some foods that may or may not be harmful in themselves, but Americans just eat too much of them. Sugar is certainly one of those as many of us grew up on heavily sweetened foods such as breakfast cereals, snack cakes and sweet drinks.

Townhall in Ohio City is hosting a forum called Not So Sweet: The Truth About Sugar. Dr. Jerrica Sweetnich (ironic name there!) will share some ideas about how sugar could be the culprit in chronic diseases such as autoimmune conditions and cancers, or at very least exacerbate them.

Admission is $6. Monday is also Townhall’s vegan night, so plan to come early or stay after and have something form their extensive vegan menu.

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