Cleveland International Film Festival Reprises Shorts at the Capitol Theatre

“My Heart Attack,” Best Animated Short winner at CIFF 41

Wed 10/04 @ 7:30PM

Following a disastrous summer movie season of bloated blockbusters nobody much wanted to see, the Cleveland International Film Festival is downsizing at the Capitol Theatre in Gordon Square.

It’s downsizing in a good way (pretty rare in Cleveland), a night devoted to the humble art of the short subject. The CIFF — normally happening in March-April — is showing, in a run-up to the big event, an encore presentation of the best short films — documentary, narrative, animated etc. — from the 41st annual festival, earlier this year.

There may even be some early looks at promising short subjects submitted for the 2018 Cleveland International Film Festival. Expect prize giveaways and other goodies.  Admission is $15.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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  1. Angela Noecker

    Dude, you posted the wrong time and my friend and I missed the first half hour of films!

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