Miss Tess & the Talkbacks Play Lively Roots Mashup at Oberlin’s Riverdog Barn

Sat 7/29 @ 7:30PM

Nashville-based Miss Tess and her band the Talkbacks play the type of alternative country that sucks up influences like Willie Nelson and Hank Williams and blends them with high-energy classic rock & roll, as well as a little swing, some R&B, a bunch of honky tonk, a dab of blues, a dollop of rockabilly, and a hint of jazz. Miss Tess’s vocals sound relaxed and effortless, giving the retro-flavored tunes a comfortable approachability. She sounds like she’s having a good time without forcing it.

The band played earlier this year at the Music Box, but now it’s summer and there are few more appropriate places for this gal’s music than the Riverdog Barn in Oberlin.

As the Riverdog writes, “Miss Tess’s agent has been trying diligently to book her at Riverdog for a couple of years. Whenever she asked, it seemed like there was always a conflict. Finally Tess herself emailed and said some of her friends had played here and told her this was a perfect venue for her. We agreed and went back to work with her agent to finally get this date. She is fabulous and we wish we had gotten her here sooner!”

It’s a BOYB venue so bring your cooler and picnic basket. It’s a $15 donation at the door, students $5, kids 12 and under free.



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