Expungement Clinics Offer Free Legal Advice to Those Returning From Prison

Sat 7/29 @ 1-3PM

Sat 8/12 @ 10Am-noon

Sat 8/19 @ 10AM-noon

One of the most daunting challenges a person returning to the community from prison faces is finding a job. Many applications ask if a person has ever been convicted of a crime, and checking that box can eliminate someone from consideration. That’s where the idea of expungement came in, where a person’s record can be sealed under certain circumstances.

That’s why the Cuyahoga County Office of Re-Entry is partnering with various cities and community centers to sponsor clinics where past offenders can talk to attorneys for free to learn about the process.

The clinics take place at Northeast Shores CDC in North Collinwood Sat 7/29 @ 1-3PM; Metro West’s Lin Omni Centre, Sat 8/12 @ 10am-noon and at Glenville’s Famicos Foundation Sat 8/19 @ 10am-noon.

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