Dozens of Community Conversations Take Place in One Day in ‘Common Ground’

Sun 7/30 @ 2PM

 While some might contend that the time for endless “civic conversations” is past and it’s time to act on what we’ve long talked about, the Cleveland Foundation and various nonprofit, community and cultural organizations across northeast Ohio are staging yet another — and it’s pretty comprehensive.

It’s not that “get everyone in a large room with lots of tables and try to figure out what ‘appreciate inquiry’ means anyway” model we’ve seen before. Instead, it’s dozens of smaller scale conversations, taking place on the same day somewhere near you, where participants will have the opportunity to be heard and share their ideas around a central question, “What can we do together to create a more equitable and resilient community?”

But if giant conversations don’t faze you, at 2pm Sunday Public Square will become an enormous “conversation space,” expecting more than 1,000 local residents to participate. But if you prefer your conversations more intimate, they will be going on in homes, parks, rec centers, places of worship, theaters and more.

To find a spot near you or to register for a conversation, go to commonground.


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