You Can Write Home Again, with Guest Authors at Lit Cleveland

Wed 7/26 @ 7PM

Feel like taking a literary staycation? Many fiction writers are identified with writing about their place of origin, from Stephen King’s Maine to Faulkner’s Mississippi. But how to place a story in your own backyard and make it thoughtful, interesting and relatable to general readers, not a shoutout or a guided tour?

Lit Cleveland brings in two writers from Michigan to discuss this in a “Between the Lines” discussion, “Fictionalizing Familiar Places,” and how their prose “transforms home into character.”

Kelly Fordon’s collection of linked short stories Garden for the Blind received numerous awards and accolades. Laura Hulthen Thomas is the author of the short fiction collection States of Motion, published by Wayne State University Press, and she teaches at the University of Michigan.

Admission is free.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]


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