Visiting Scottish Photographer Jonny Lyons Shows His Local Project at the Cleveland Print Room

Fri 5/19 @ 5-8PM

Photographer/filmmaker Jonny Lyons hails from Glasgow, Scotland. But he’s been in Cleveland as part of yet another one of those international artist residencies that swaps artists from all over the world to new cities. (The Ohio Arts Council funds this exchange program with the Cleveland Print Room, which is also sending a Cleveland artist to Scotland).

You can see the results of Lyons’ work here when the Cleveland when a show of his work, titled (Here Come) the Goloshans opens at the Cleveland Print Room. He stages set-ups — “hand-crafted mischief” —which he documents with photography and film to explore the fragility of friendship and adventure.

“But the photographs are not simply documentation of a sequence of anarchic events,” says the statement from the Cleveland Print Room. “They fix the moment between ‘cause’ and ‘effect’ and are imbued with wit, melancholy and the physical humour of early silent cinema. In carrying out these processes, collaborations and journeys Lyons attempts to reconcile reckless youth with the pressures of adulthood; these are snap-shots of ‘Lost Boys’ putting their most dangerous, outlandish ideas into practice and — one feels, with some luck — getting away with it.”

The show opens with a free reception Fri 5/19 @ 5-8pm.

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