Feline Lovers Come Together for the 2nd Annual Crazy Cat People Party on Waterloo

Sat 5/20 @ 6-9PM

Last year, local cat lover (to put it mildly) Jessica Roach Manko threw an informal Crazy Cat People Party at the Millard Fillmore Presidential Library bar on Waterloo, inviting all the neighborhood cat lovers and any cat-loving friends who might hear about it.

It was a huge success, so it’s happening again. Wear your cat gear; make sure you’ve got loads of photos of your cats on your phone ready to share with people who will actually be excited to look at them; and come on down. There’ll be raffle baskets, prizes, snacks and specialty cocktails (catnip martinis?) Attendees will be voting on the Craziest Cat Person. It’s $5 to enter and you’d better be decked in a LOT of cat stuff because the competition will be stiff!

The party is free but they’ll gladly take cat food and litter donations. That, and all the money raised from the raffles and contest (and any extra you care to donate) will help care for the cats that the Waterloo Alley Cat Project looks after.



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