convergence-continuum Presents Another Strange Play by Jose Rivera

Fri 5/19-Sat 6/10

Magic realism? Pulp fiction-inspired events? Weird people acting in bizarre ways? Yup — it’s another production from the folks at convergence-continuum.

Massacre (Sing to Your Children) by Jose Rivera, which has its Ohio premiere at c-c’s Liminis in Tremont, involves seven people in a New Hampshire town who revolt and murder the town’s oppressive mayor — maybe.

Massacre is a powerful depiction of the use of violence as a response to living under a repressive plutocratic regime, and of our own role in perpetuating the tyranny,” they tell us.

C-c’s artistic director Clyde Simon directs the production, the fourth work by Rivera they’ve produced. The show runs Thu-Sat @ 8PM through Sat 6/10. Tickets are $20, $5 for seniors and $10 for students.


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