Cle Indie Scene Vets Part Time Lover Release Second Cassette at Beachland Show

Sat 5/13 @ 9PM

Part Time Lover isn’t a very high-profile band in the local underground music scene, but chances are you’ll hear more about them in the future. For one thing, its members all have reputations that precede them. Both drummer Roseanne Safos and lead guitarist/vocalist Mandy Look were in former buzz band Hot Cha Cha and currently play in its offshoot Goldmines. Lead vocalist/guitarist Jason Look played with Prisoners and bassist Pat O’Connor was with indie mainstay Coffinberry for nearly a decade in the ’00s.

And the group is about to release its second EP, a five-song cassette (also available as a download) titled Animal, My Lover, showcasing its dreamy, buzzy psych-rock sound. It’s a follow-up to last year’s Brains Out on the Table, which was also released as a cassette.

If you still have a cassette player, you can pick up copies at the Beachland Tavern when they play their release show there. Glasstraps and Forager open. Admission is $8.

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