Chicago’s Johnny Iguana & the Claudettes Will Shake Up the BOP STOP

Wed 5/17 @ 8PM

Chicago’s Johnny Iguana & the Claudettes, led by pianist Iguana, mixes up musical styles and eras with insouciant glee. Rockabilly, punk, classic soul, vintage burlesque house jazz and piano-driven jump blues all bubble up in their cauldron of sound produced by Iguana, vocalist Berit Ulseth, bassist/vocalist Zach Verdoorn and drummer Matt Torre. Iguana himself has been deeply enmeshed in the Chicago blues scene, performing with legends like Buddy Guy, Junior Wells and James Cotton, while the Claudettes honed their chops playing in funky suburban bars.

The group will be shaking it at the Bop Stop this week. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.



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