People’s Archive Records Citizen Stories of Police Violence at MLK Library


Sat 4/8 @ noon-4pm

Newspapers and TV often provide the most superficial snapshots of their communities. And, because they often rely on official sources for their quick bites of news, stories about abusive policing can be especially one-sided and lacking in nuance. As Cleveland’s police/community relations continue to come apart at the seams, that’s not helpful. Police union head Steve Loomis may be loud, but his take isn’t the only one or even the most valid one.

Collecting and protecting the stories from the other side is the mission of the People’s Archive of Police Violence in Cleveland. They archive documents and preserves citizen experiences with police brutality and abuse in Cleveland in order to fuel a path toward justice.

Come share your own stories at its launch event at the MLK branch of the Cleveland Public Library. Your story can be recorded, with our name or anonymously. If you have flyers, photos or other materials, bring those too so they can be copied, stored and shared.



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