Manhattan Project’s “Purity Ball” at Mahall’s Features Six Short Plays About Fathers & Daughters


Mon 4/24 @ 8-10PM

The Manhattan Project — Cleveland Lab is an incubator for local playwrights, which puts on informal performances at Mahall’s 20 Lanes to take new works out for an airing.

It celebrates its birthday in April (apparently, like many people, reluctant to share its age) and, it says “We’re doing something special to celebrate.”

That something special is “Purity Ball,” short plays on the theme of relationships between fathers and daughters written by an all-daughter cast of Claire Robinson May, Arwen Mitchell, Amy Schwabauer, Krysia Orlowski, Rachel Baird and Catie O’Keefe! The “Purity Ball” tag refers to a creepy custom popular in some evangelical right-wing circles where girls on the cusp of puberty attend a formal dance with their fathers to whom they pledge to maintain their virginity until marriage.

“Six awesome playwrights are going to write brand new 10-minute plays about something terrible!” they tease, and given the photos they are using to promote it (see above — their choice), it could be terrible indeed.

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