Shaker Historical Society Exhibit Looks at the Lives of Domestic Help in Shaker


Thu 3/9 @ 6PM

The new exhibition at the Shaker Historical Society and Museum in Shaker Heights called Above Stairs: Domestic Service in Shaker Heights should be of interest to people who are fans of TV shows such as Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey.

When many of the huge homes in Shaker Heights were built, families kept staff that included butler, maids, cooks and chaffeurs. Many of the houses still have butler’s pantries and small rooms or even wings where “the help” lived. Who were these people, what kind of work did they do, where and how did they live? The curators at the SHSM looked at census records, photos and archival documents to find answers.

The show went on view February 24 and will remain through 7/31. But this they’re hosting a special evening “after hours” reception to give visitors a chance to see the exhibit, learn about the SHSM and its work, and have a drink. It’s free. Please call 216-921-1201 or email to register.


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