Could a Person Become a Giant Fly? Scientists Discuss at Screening of ‘The Fly’ @Capitol Theatre


Wed 3/1 @ 7PM

The 1958 film The Fly proposed that a scientist is a victim of an experiment gone wrong and turns himself into a hideous human fly. It’s standard movie sci-fi stuff. But … could it happen?

That’s what three real scientists who work in the field of invertibrate zoology will discuss at this month’s Reel Science, co-sponsored by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Cleveland Cinemas. A screening of the film, starring Vincent Price, at the Capitol Theatre will be followed by a Q&A with CMNH’s assistant director of science and curator of invertebrate zoology Dr. Gavin Svenson; staff scientist and invertebrate zoology collections manager Dr. Nicole Gunter; and CWRU PhD. candidate Henrique Rodrigues.

Tickets are $9.50.

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