Cozy Up with Cleveland DIY Art at @NATIVECLEVELAND


Fri 3/6 @ 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Head on over to Waterloo’s Native Cleveland to see the second exhibition in a continual DIY-based group series, aptly named “SHOW TWO,” inspired by the creative collaboration: The Cozy Up Collective. A perfect cure for the winter blues, Cozy Up’s SHOW TWO is the only excuse you need to brave the Cleveland tundra.

The show, which will be taking place as part of March’s “Walk All Over Waterloo” and will feature work from artists Anna Troyer, Nancy Mungcal, Addie Cheges, Erin Guido, Derek Maxfield, Patu Phan, Paul Christopher, Carly Bartel, Joe Lanz, Matthew Labyk, Nicole Schneider, Phoebe Thomas and more.

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