Technology Boosts Educational Curriculum at @CLEMetroSchools’ Collinwood High School

Fri 8/8

There’s turnaround happening at Collinwood High school with the application of their New Tech curriculum. Collinwood High school is among 14 schools in Ohio adapting to the program with three others in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The new curriculum focuses on integrating technology into the education process, in addition to having students hone in on their problem solving skills.

“It’s really exciting because it’s all project-based learning and all grounded in real-world applications,” said Principal Maria Carlson. “So often, students will say, ‘Why am I even learning this? I’ll never use it.’ That’s not ever going to be true anymore because they’ll be applying it in real time.” In addition to the upgrade in curriculum, the high school is also looking to improve their marching band and art decor inside its hallways.

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