VIDEO: The Rock That Rolls and Daring to Be Dumbo Hit The @DancingWheels Co.

They’re rockin’ and rollin’! The Dancing Wheels Company & School has been busy this season. Between preparing for two major events and rehearsing for their tour, getting a word in edgewise with their President/Founding Artistic Director Mary Verdi-Fletcher was an opportunity CoolCleveland couldn’t pass up.

CoolCleveland correspondent Marty Bielat made his way down to their studio on Euclid, and asked Fletcher a couple of questions about their two upcoming events: “The Daring to be Dumbo” documentary, and their “Rock That Rolls” event. Fletcher explained that the documentary, Daring to be Dumbo, is an anti-bullying piece narrated by Al Roker, which will be airing on Channel 3 Sat 4/5 at 7:00pm.


In addition to promoting the documentary, Fletcher also gave CoolCleveland a heads up on their Annual Benefit being held at Public Hall entitled “The Rock that Rolls.” The dance showcase will take place Fri 4/11 at 6:30pm and will feature music from some world famous Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductees like The Temptations, R.E.M. Madonna, Ray Charles and Alice Cooper. We even got a chance to see some of the Alice Cooper routine performed behind us throughout the interview.

Thank you again Mary Verdi-Fletcher for your time and we wish you the best of luck. Have fun on tour this season, and we hope all bodes well for your two amazing events as well. Stay tuned to CoolCleveland for more updates on The Dancing Wheels Company and School, as well as finding tickets for their Rock That Rolls event.

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