Downtown Akron



When someone says “Akron,” the Goodyear blimp might be the iconic image that comes to mind. Cleveland’s southern arm, founded around rubber plants at the turn of the century, Akron is known for the Soap Box Derby, the University of Akron’s incredible Polymer program that includes the National Polymer Innovation Centers and attracts companies to the area, and Goodyear Tires.

Though it remains true to its history of innovation, science and manufacturing, Akron has also enjoyed a rebirth of culture, entertainment and the arts. Its once-dying downtown now has a new focal point in the Local 3 Live outdoor venue which hosts summer concerts, festivals, farmers markets, and a winter skating rink, the Akron Rubber Ducks minor league baseball field Canal Park, and the beautifully restored Akron Civic Theater, with its ornate moorish decor and unique starlit ceilings.

They’ve been joined by an influx of bars, restaurants and shops, and the development of the nearby area around the spectacular new Akron Art Museum building as the Akron Historic Arts District.

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