Spend an afternoon wandering the parks and shops of  Oberlin, perhaps searching for the elusive white squirrels the town is famous for, and you’ll understand why it was voted one of the 20 best small towns to visit by the Smithsonian Magazine.

The town is home to Oberlin College and its world-famous music conservatory, with their history of creativity and liberal activism (Oberlin was the first college to admit blacks and women on an equal basis with white men), which spills over into the community.

Downtown Oberlin thrives with locally owned  restaurants, coffeeshops, galleries and stores that are far more distinctive and cutting-edge than you’d expect to see in a small town. There’s hardly an empty storefront and many of these shops have been in business for over twenty years, some for even over a hundred and twenty. There is a strong dedication to sustainable business based on a healthy, artisan products.

The Oberlin College campus features breathtaking buildings that preserve the rich history of the area, including venues where both community and campus can partake of music and other performances, by students, faculty and world-class visiting talent. The campus is also home to a major art museum, the Allen Museum of Art.

Oberlin offers urban amenities and an open-minded attitude, side by side with small-town charm.


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