Cleveland Heights



Cleveland Heights is located, appropriately, on a bluff just past University Circle. But what is truly unique about Cleveland Heights is the number of creative people who live there — painters, poets, actors, members of the Cleveland Orchestra and more — and the variety of things to do there.

The city has a number of walkable shopping/eating/entertainment districts. One of the best known is former hippie mecca Coventry Village which attracts patrons of all ages from across the region for its variety of eateries, small shops selling everything from designer clothing to vinyl records to gifts imported from Indonesia to collectible toys, and things-to-do options ranging from poetry readings to punk concerts.

The Lee Road shopping district and the Cedar-Fairmount district offer still more shopping, eating and entertainment options including indie films, live theater, jazz, art galleries, wine bars and cuisine from around the world. There are small pockets of cool businesses in other parts of town too — mostly locally owned by northeast Ohioans.

In the summer Cain Park offers concerts, theater and the long-running Cain Park Arts Fest. The Heights Music Hop in October draws thousands to enjoy the best in music from across the area. Cleveland Heights’ diverse, active population supports a range of activities that any visitor can enjoy.




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