VIDEO: Tom Lix Launches Cleveland Whiskey


This is what Cleveland does best. We make things.

Boston transplant Tom Lix has invented a new process for aging whiskey that shortens the traditional barrel aging from 9-25 years down to a mere couple of days?

Traditionally, minor fluctuations in temperature cause barrels to expand and contract over the years, forcing the whiskey to seep into the inner surface of the oak barrel. Lix’s process uses pressurized tanks to do the same thing, only quicker and more efficiently, using all surfaces of chunks of the same oak barrels.

He tested over 600 names, and “Cleveland” came out on top for it’s authenticity and edginess. Welcome to Cleveland Whiskey. They’re based at the MAGNET manufacturing incubator.

Watch the video and have a taste.


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  1. wish best…but semi sad got this HUGE talented state univ.semi techie incubator and have a DISTLLERY started there of all things…but hey…guess take successes were find it…I THINK ONLY whiskey distiller we have is Brookside…

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