Michael Ruhlman’s New eBook for iPad: Schmaltz: A Love Song To A Forgotten Fat

Only our friends Michael and Donna Turner Ruhlman could pull this off: a digital e-book for your iPad on one topic only: Schmaltz.

Known as “heart attack food” and used by Jews during the High Holy days of the Jewish year, rendered chicken fat flavored with onion has never before been romanced as thoroughly (or digitally) as it is by Cleveland resident and best-selling food author, cook and cooking evangelist Michael Ruhlman, with illustrations by his wife Donna. He tells it best himself:

I realize it may be presumptuous for a goy to be writing about the fat of Ashkenazi Jews, but it’s just too wonderful a flavor and substance to be relegated to a relative handful of houses during Jewish holidays. It deserves to be lifted high for all to see and to use.

Download it today: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/schmaltz/id584643008?mt=8



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