VIDEO: Dr. Evalyn Gates on the Future of CMNH


It’s official. For the first time in their 90 year history, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History just announced a major expansion and renovation. The $125 million project will bring the basement laboratories, research centers and bone collections out for public view while building two new wings and a spectacular new entryway.

Listen to Dr. Evalyn Gates, Executive Director and CEO of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History as she describes the exciting changes coming to CMNH. Watch the video here.

“It is so exciting, it’s time for this museum. We have so many incredible treasures inside. We want to find a way to show visitors more of the real science that’s going on, let them see the animals in a little different light.”

* 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic is on view through 1/13/13.
* Whales | Tohora is on view through 1/27/13.
* The Mystery of the Mayan Medallion opens 1/26/13.
* Megalodon: Largest Shark That Ever Lived opens 3/16/13.


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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Dr. Evalyn Gates on the Future of CMNH”

  1. Probably first,last @poster but HERE goes…HI !…. $125 MILLION for WHA WERE to do WHAT…wha telling me…LAST gasp? HOPING can hang onto whutever n pray area stabilizes out ENOUGH…Okkk so figure construction costs cheapER now &/or the $ costs are…Okkk so get foundation,grant n estate $ toooo from various sources…STILL….LOOK AT the area..and quite frankly folks NOT having kiddies way did…QUITE FRANKLY PS1 school dist.AINT sending kiddies out on field trips way did…HOW many programs cut…QUITE frankly got NCLB lurking in background tooo…whether out of conviction,last ditch efforts &/or hang onto job teachers are pushing that mantra….

  2. Wish CMNH the best…THEY are a good museum…and its not just the museum part they do…THEY DO DO R&D for other entities,et.etc. FINALLY THEIR call n $ to do wha whutever they are gonna do….IS EASY if NOT careful to OVERspend and then get oneself into a deep hole..w/all the ramifications THAT holds….IN THIS day n age of @learning to other…PUT THIS ANOTHER way…KIDDIELAND…SINGLEMOMDOM to passing off latchkey kiddie to oxygenbottle mom/granny to deal with…GOT CYA type PS1 administrators,etc. who try n do right thing BUT….Sooooo FAR CMSD still makes field trips to likes of GrtLakesSci Ctr among other things….HOW much LONGER THAT will hold out is anyones guess if push comes to shove…LOT of $,time,energy,etc.spent on those monstrous yellow tin cans rolling thu cities….NO idea ULTIMATELY were all this DC, COLUMBUS,etc. ed reform gonna land PS1 n rest of the crews…..

  3. LOOK at the politico…SCHOOL LEVIES AND RENEWAL levies…thou w/Issue 117 SUSPECT folks took one look at econ,said the ol way of whutever aint working out,,..SAVE THEIR kiddies by pushing new wundrous @econ and go from there..AND PRAY…..being semi slum tenants &./or owning lower $ value property tax BITE AINT as bad….guessing THAT….PUT THIS ANOTHER way…AMBER ALERTS…least ONE of the fam, a blank n TRIES….OR THINKS doing right thing…if it didnt get sooo *$*@ be almost commendable…sad poo kid(pets) get caught in mid of that horrorshow…cops regret it toooo…. SAD when half the retailers have procedures in place to deal w/kiddie snatching…

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