VIDEO: Mary Poldruhi of Parma Pierogies


Remember Parma Pierogies? After 10 solid years in business, a fickle investor backed out and the product disappeared from grocery freezer cases, disappointing fans ranging from President Bill Clinton to actor Will Smith.

How did Mary Poldruhi find 80 investors to revive this popular brand? Not wanting to give away 80% of her business to venture capitalists, she scanned the Yellow Pages and called everyone with a “ski” at the end of the name and asked them for $3000 each.

Now Poldruhi and her trusty pink flamingo are giving away 2/3 of her net profit to benefit battered, neglected and abused children, while at the same time using a new funding model: crowdfunding.

You can find the Parma Pierogies campaign on, the world’s largest crowd funding platform, watch her short video and contribute to both causes: helping children in need, and keeping a legendary business alive. View the video here. and search for “Parma Pierogies”

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