Local Author, Book, Music & Wine @ a Locally-Owned Local Bookstore

Local Author, Book, Music & Wine @ a Locally-Owned Local Bookstore

Find a new book, a local author, a bookstore owner, music in the courtyard, and local wines at Visible Voice Books on Sat 7/23 from 7-10PM. And, of course, it’s in Tremont — how much better can it be?

Let’s start with the owner — Dave Ferrante is changing the lives of readers and writers in Cleveland with his bookstore, Visible Voice Books in Tremont. Dave is the kind of guy who doesn’t know what’s on the bestseller list, because he focuses on meaningful books, whether it’s local lore, political controversy, philosophical diatribes, or artistic excursions. His bookstore reflects who he is, a guy with a resume that includes teaching, contract management, financial advising, and trucking, with addresses from Korea to New York to Boston to Montreal. Here in Cleveland, with Visible Voice, he seems to have found his niche. He lives to learn and share the experience of life with others.

Visible Voice Books, at 1023 Kenilworth in Cleveland, puts together a newsletter that shows you the bookstore is full of energy. It can’t be better said than what it says on the website: A bookstore with that lost independent feel — a relaxed, inviting environment conducive to discovery, where quality takes precedence over quantity, where the books marginalized by commercial concerns have a home. If you come in looking for something specific, we will have it or we will find it for you. If you come in looking for nothing in particular, you can lose yourself in a world of new ideas. The bookshop resides in a renovated old house and includes a bar with coffee and wine. Recessed and track lighting make for an intimate and bright space to browse the shelves and relax on the upholstered furniture.

As a local author who will be signing my new book, Ohio’s Lake Erie Wineries, I’m pleased with the bookstore’s willingness to create an event around the topic of my book — Lake Erie wines. Visible Voice regularly schedules wine tastings as fundraisers, and in this case, to introduce my book AND local wines, which really aren’t given enough prominence. I have been enjoying wine country adventures in Ohio over the last 10 years and am amazed by how few people know about the wineries. Going to a winery is a totally different experience from drinking wine in a bar — you can talk to the grower and winemaker about how he does it and can try all the wines the winery currently has available, and compare them. When I found out Ohio was once the premier wine-producing state, that we have a long growing season and the perfect climate for growing grapes, and that over 40 wineries stretch across the north coast, I had to write this book.

Ohio’s Lake Erie Wineries is a local book that can sit on a coffee table, be given away as a gift, or act as a guide for wine country adventures. The book is 128 pages of introductory chapters and 200 photographs, some historical, some taken by local wineries, and some snapped by the author or her husband on one of their adventures. The book summarizes the history of Lake Erie wines from the mid-1800s on the islands through Prohibition and the planting of European varietals in place of native concord grapes. The last five chapters cover the current wineries along Lake Erie’s shores and islands.

Chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon grapes now grow alongside Concord and Catawba, and wines as far ranging as riesling, chambourcin, and pinot noir win national competitions. Lake Erie wines are as varied as Mon Ami’s famous champagne (a late 19th century phenomena that continues today), Fireland’s crisp Chardonnay handcrafted by Claudio Salvatore, Ken Tarsitano’s organic wines, Arnie Esterer’s luscious Markko cabernet sauvignon, and Laurello’s Cosmo’s Red, a red wine blend in the Italian tradition blended in honor of Grandpa Cosmo.

Back in the bookstore, Visible Voice Books’ music in the Courtyard is a soft, subtle summertime treat in the courtyard next to the bookstore. Front Porch will entertain on Friday, and last weekend the sounds of Joey Beltram and Michael Bay filled the air. On Friday and Saturday nights, local musicians perform from 8-10PM. Visible Voice gives musicians a venue where local musicians can show off their talent. This Saturday is no different; stay and relax with me on the courtyard while we hear music by John Kalman and Chris Aldrich.

One fabulous evening at Visible Voice Books, which makes a difference in people’s lives one book and one evening at a time.

Find the book about Ohio’s Lake Erie Wineries during the author signing from 7-9PM on Sat 7/23, then relax and listen to music in the courtyard from 8-10PM for an evening that will make a difference in your life.


Claudia Taller’s book Ohio’s Lake Erie Wineries was just released by Arcadia Publishing. Find out more about the book by going to http://OhioLakeErieWineries.blogspot.com and order it through Claudia by sending an e-mail to claudia.taller@yahoo.com.

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