BLISS Chick Magnet Seminar: Positive Reinforcements!

Fri 7/22 @ 5 – 7PM

Ladies, this seminar is for you. Join writer T.L. Champion on Fri 7/22/11 for the next BLISS Chick Magnet Seminar @ Cafe Sausalito.

Details: “Can our thoughts, dreams and ideas bring about intended or unintended outcomes? The power of positive thinking professes that we can be our own best friend or worst enemy. Find out where you score at our Chick Magnet Seminar led by Lisa Ryan, co-founder of the Positive Thinkers Network. Do you believe that positive energy opens the door to manifesting everything you desire in life?”

Register now for discounted tix.

Watch the short video of Lisa Ryan talking about the upcoming BLISS event:

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