VIDEO: Tour the Tyler Building

VIDEO: Tour the Tyler Building

Ups and Downs of Cleveland’s New Urban Village


UP: In its heyday, the many buildings of Tyler Village housed the W. S. Tyler Company which was a world-renowned maker of elevators. As the company grew, it moved out of its city home to the suburbs and became the namesake of Tyler Boulevard in Mentor, Ohio.

Watch the video tour with Cool Cleveland correspondent Carol Drummond here.


DOWN: Tyler Elevator is alive and well, now based in Twinsburg and involved in several very prestigious projects. The company’s departure from their Cleveland digs left the 9+ historic buildings at Superior and East 36th Street available for industrial use for the past 30+ years. In the 1970s the property was purchased by the same owner as today and renamed Downtown Industrial Park. Spaces were sub-divided to accommodate ninety+ different industrial companies like lamp shade manufactures, nut and bolt producers, large scale carpentry assemblers, long-term storage, warehousing and distribution and a host of others.


UP: Enter Graystone Properties with a vision and momentum to match the spark and energy of the tenants they have attracted. In early 2002, the owner of Tyler Village made the bold decision to reposition the complex and attract a new kind of tenant, reflective of the emerging growth industries within our city such as technology, medicine, education, upscale beverage and food production, government agency etc.


Examine the gilded elevators that flank the lobby which were made by the original tenant, W. S Tyler Elevator Company. These grand elevators are the exact same models that are currently in use at Windsor Castle in England.


Peek into hidden wall panels and examine the preserved historic interior details like crown molding and fireplaces that were in the former executive offices.


View the naked space, what the interiors look like prior to remodeling them, to gain an appreciation for the vision of the developer, architects and designers responsible for the transformations of the tenant’s spaces.


Scan the unobstructed skyline and rare lake views from the upper floor windows.


Inspect the modern interior spaces of current tenants like Digiknow, APG (Herman Miller), Cuyahoga County’s Solutions At Work and SparkBase.


Discover more information about Tyler Village and see stunning photographs of its unique interiors at


Watch the video tour with Cool Cleveland correspondent Carol Drummond here.


NOTE: Tyler Elevator is alive and well and based in Twinsburg, involved in several very prestigious projects.



Carol Drummond has been a professional designer for 25 years. Prior to starting her award-winning graphic design studio 15 years ago, Drummond Design, she graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, worked at a graphic design studio, a video production company, and a consumer products company. She has been an art docent for Mayfield City Schools and currently serves on the COSE Arts Network Advisory Committee.

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  1. Jim Foos

    I enjoyed the video tour of the Tyler Building. I was in it a number of years ago. While I may not be THE expert, I am an expert on the Tyler Company and the Tyler Family, having researched both for many years. I live on the site of the Tyler’s summer estate on Rocky River Dr. in the Kamm’s Corners neighborhood. Jim Foos

  2. D'Ann (Miller) Weaver

    I enjoyed your video and the elevator portion especially. I’d always heard much about them beings W.S. Tyler was my great -great grand father. I’d love to see them in person someday.

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