Review: 2 CDs by Josh Rzepka

Midwest Coast
Baroque Music for Trumpet
Josh Rzepka

Josh Rzepka has had a busy last couple of years. Besides finishing his Masters at Boston University in musical performance (after a degree in music from Oberlin), he has released two solid CDs of music. The first “Midwest Coast” is filled with ten original compositions of various jazz styles, while the second “Baroque Music for Trumpet” is made up of 17 tracks of traditional classical music. Quite a contrast, but this young man from the Akron is talented enough to pull both of them off.

“Midwest Coast” finds Rzepka fronting a talented quartet with local keyboard legend Jackie Warren on piano, Peter Dominguez on bass, and Ron Godale on drums. The music on the disc ranges in influences from Latin America to Harlem. “Boroque Music for Trumpet” finds Rzepka playing melodies written by Handel, Vivaldi, Purcell, and Telemann amongst others. He gets a little help from soprano Rebecca Freshwater on a beautiful version of Handel’s “Let the Bright Seraphim.”

On Thu 7/8, Rzepka will be performing selections from both CDs at Nighttown in Cleveland Heights. He will be backed by the band who recorded “Midwest Coast” with him. If you want to see one of Northern Ohio’s most promising up and coming talents I’d check out this show.

Photo by Robert J. Saferstein.

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