Jazz Night Out

In this week’s issue:
* Cool Cleveland Jazz Night Out in the secret Hermit Club, with a killer discount before midnight Thu 4/14 here
* Cool Cleveland Interview with Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones
* Cool Cleveland People Eric Coble, his play Ten Minutes to Cleveland opens Thu 4/14.
* Cool Cleveland Commentary Nature’s Half Acre about urban sprawl by George Bilgere
* Cool Cleveland Sounds CD reviews of Kassaba

Cool Cleveland Jazz Night Out 4/15 going fast
Grab incredible discount here before midnight 4/14

Always wanted to join a Cool Cleveland party? Now’s your chance, but you’ve got to click quickly here, before the price goes up or we sell out. Gear up this Fri 4/15 starting at the usually-private Hermit Club tucked away behind Playhouse Square, for lip-smackin’ hot hors d’oeuvres, the rockin’ open wine bar, and entertainment on all floors, including the brilliant Kassaba (see CC Sounds below), playing 25 instruments simultaneously. Then saunter over to the Palace Theatre for the thrill of hearing five-time Grammy winner Al Jarreau live and in person at the Tri-C JazzFest, with his bangin’ blend of jazz, pop and R&B, all included in your ticket price. Take a date, go with a group, or meet someone interesting. See details here and click here for your discount tix before midnight on Thu 4/14: http://www.coolcleveland.com/tickets/nightoutfour

Cool Cleveland Interview
County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones

Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones may be one of the most envied politicians in the region. He ran unopposed in the last election, which saw a bitter primary defeat of Tim McCormack by longtime NE Ohio politico Tim Hagan. Jones’ solid base of support has allowed him to take on some of the most important issues of our times: health and human services, arts funding, challenges in fatherhood. Cool Cleveland caught up with the busy Commissioner a week or so ago at Ruthie & Moe’s diner and discussed his political ambitions, race, his new play, and his opinion on the upcoming Cleveland Mayor’s contest.

Cool Cleveland: So who do you like for Mayor?
Peter Lawson Jones: This year, there are a lot of candidates who have a lot going for them. Jim Draper is an African-American clergy. Bob Triozzi is a Cleveland Municipal Judge. Dan Moore is going to try to see if he can do for Cleveland like [Los Angeles Mayor Richard] Reardon did for L.A., and [New York City Mayor Michael] Bloomberg did for New York; he’ll be well-funded.

Many people are saying the Cleveland Mayoral election is simply a matter of race. In Cool Cleveland a few weeks ago, County Treasurer Jim Rokakis said he didn’t think a white male would be elected Mayor in his lifetime.
It’s not that simple. Look, Gary, Indiana has a European-American Mayor in a predominantly black city. Race won’t be the determinative. Everyone who’s rich, poor, black or white feel we’re doing poorly. This time around, ideas might be front and center. And since we’re finding ourselves in a time of challenge, people may be looking for a message of hope…
Read the Cool Cleveland Interview with Peter Lawson Jones here

Teaching school with Hip-Hop Catalyst Magazine is simply one of the most stimulating and relevant publications in the region these days, focusing on the Cleveland Public Schools. Cultural critic Daniel Gray-Kontar makes the connection between creative expression and education, as graffiti art, DJing, and hip-hop culture permeates the entertainment climate and youths’ education. While some maintain that it helps, others contend that it hurts urban students’ perceptions: inciting violence, promiscuity and academic underachievement. Hip-hop culture most likely in itself is not responsible for the negative behaviors of youth, instead, music companies might instead consider giving fair play to positive and educational rap music. Read the different perspectives at Catalyst-Cleveland here. Interestingly, Hip-hop is being used to teach Chaucer at the University of California in an effort to “bridge the cultural traffic.” Read the story here. And right here in Cleveland, Catalyst sponsored a poetry slam for Cleveland students, in which participants wrote about Ohio’s school funding system and how it affects their school system. The winners received money and a chance to compete in the National Youth Poetry Slam in San Francisco this month. Read the story here. Comments? Send them to: Letters@CoolCleveland.com

Intel WiFis Cleveland Cleveland is setting the pace for information tech trend making. Our city’s progressive WiFi infrastructure, created by the outstanding OneCleveland project, lured officials from Intel to include Cleveland, along with Philadelphia and Corpus Christi, TX, as participants in its Digital Cities Initiative. Cleveland’s digital infrastructure allows businesses and city workers such as EMS and city inspectors, to access wireless internet and increase their effectiveness and efficiency on the job. OneCleveland’s goal? WiFi will be everywhere, and available to everyone. See story here.

Art on outdoor screens The Bigger Picture programs and coordinates moving images for the Big Screen in Exchange Square, Manchester, England, with a huge, 25 square meter video screen erected by the BBC in partnership with Philips, Manchester City Council and a shopping center that broadcasts BBC television output 24 hours a day. The Bigger Picture project utilizes the screening space for exhibiting artwork outside of a traditional gallery context, and forms a platform for short films, video art and community moving image. It’s up to half an hour long and is screened five times daily, Monday through Friday and at various times on weekends. Shouldn’t we be thinking about a project like this for the outdoor screens at Playhouse Square? See story here. Send you thoughts to: Letters@CoolCleveland.com

Cleveland’s Business Improvement District Most cities across the nation already have them, and now Cleveland is considering following the example. The newly proposed development program would work with a $3 million budget to implement safety patrols and maintenance crews. It’s being pitched by business leaders in an effort to break out of the complacency of Downtown’s lackluster environment, but business property owners would pay increased taxes to support the 55 full-time workers, deployed throughout the city to maintain safety and cleanliness. Read the story here Your thoughts on a Business Improvement District in Downtown Cleveland? Letters@CoolCleveland.com

Speaking up and standing out Cleveland and Shaker Heights’ high school students are learning an arsenal of speaking and performance skills, thanks to Slam U!, a workshop and poetry-slam program at the Playhouse Square Center Education Department. Students who performed in the educational slams competed in finals to represent Cleveland for the first time at Brave New Voices, the eighth annual National Youth Poetry Slam Festival in San Francisco on Wed 4/20 to 4/24. The elected finalists are an extraordinary group of young poets: Kiara Blake, Jessica Fain, Myron Gaines, Chris Webb and Shawnequa Wright. Their work belies their age and demonstrates a creativity and maturity which provide great examples to our region’s students. Read the story here

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Slight Return: The Music of Jimi Hendrix & Gil Evans at the 2005 Tri-C JazzFest Cleveland At the time of his death in 1970, Jimi Hendrix was slated to work with Miles Davis and arranger/composer Gil Evans on what surely would have resulted in an extraordinary album. In 1974 Evans was able to realize a measure of the Hendrix spirit on his album Gil Evans’ Orchestra Plays the Music of Jimi Hendrix. With a nod to Evans’ fusion of jazz and Hendrix’s blues jams, Tri-C JazzFest presents renowned guitarist Vernon Reid, an alum of the band Living Color, and multi-instrumentalist Howard Johnson, who played on the Music of Jimi Hendrix album and was a frequent Evans collaborator. They will be joined by Howie Smith and the Jazz Unit. For more information on the stellar JazzFest lineup, visit www.TriCJazzFest.com or call 216-987-4400. Tickets online at www.TriCJazzFest.com
or by phone 800-766-6048. The 26th Annual Tri-C JazzFest Cleveland – ALL THAT’S JAZZ!
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Jackson & Triozzi in Mayor’s race Frank Jackson is on a mission to balance the city’s budget, without much fanfare and recognition, while Municipal Judge Robert Triozzi is full of suggestions to get Cleveland resuscitated. Both Mayoral candidates are focusing on improving schools. Read the story here. Do you have an opinion on the upcoming Cleveland Mayor’s race? Letters@CoolCleveland.com

Ingenuity producer profiled Activist/producer/lawyer James Levin is Co-Director of the Ingenuity arts festival with Cool Cleveland’s Thomas Mulready, and he also serves as executive director of the new Gordon Square Arts District. This week, Levin gets well-deserved ink on his tireless efforts to improve Cleveland’s art climate, business development, and its image. In 1984, Levin opened Cleveland Public Theatre and plunged into the local theatre environment when the Detroit Shoreway was considered dangerous as an arts destination. A veteran actor and attorney, he’s not stopping his involvement in the arts, and continues to lead the way for significant creative projects that re-shape our city’s creative topography. See PD here.

Tech coordinator sought for the much talked-about, upcoming Ingenuity Festival of Art and Technology, organized by Cool Cleveland’s creator, Thomas Mulready and Cleveland Public Theatre’s James Levin. Take up the challenge for a once-in-a-lifetime assignment, in this paid position that requires 20 daytime hours per week. You’ll need to be available through Labor Day weekend, possess super project management skills, and enough knowledge and skill to manage both technology and creative arts. Must be highly organized, energetic, committed, and detail-oriented. If you’ve a sense of humor and the drive to make Cleveland an arts destination, this position is for you. Send your qualifications and a letter to: Thomas@IngenuityCleveland.org

Cleveland’s immigrant future Cleveland, once a simmering, immigrant stew, is beginning once again to seek out the diversity that makes our city a rich, cultural destination. We celebrate their entrepreneurial contributions, their love of the city, and their unending resourcefulness to make a life in Cleveland. See Cleveland Magazine here. Your thoughts on our immigrant opportunities? Letters@CoolCleveland.com

Poker plan pitched for the Flats Whether you support gaming in Cleveland or not, you’ll have something to talk about: Cuyahoga County commissioners are taking on a deal with investor Jeff Jacobs to lease a tent for Texas Hold ‘Em poker. In Ohio, only charities can benefit from gambling profits, and it’s questionable how it will benefit the city financially. Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones mentioned it could “boost the west bank during the summer,” which in turn might “stimulate business,” but that remains to be seen. And after this philanthropic opening round, when big-time gaming finally does land in Cleveland, we doubt charities will be the beneficiaries. Read here. Your thoughts on poker and gaming in Downtown Cleveland? Letters@CoolCleveland.com

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Laugh, Dance and Discover Great Food during a weekend of fun at Cleveland State University’s alumni weekend. It all starts Thu 6/2 at 5:30PM with the alumni juried art exhibit at the “Edge” art gallery. On Fri 6/3 at 6PM honor outstanding graduates at the 15th Annual Distinguished Alumni Dinner at Cleveland State’s Cole Center. Sat 6/4 at 8:30AM enjoy class and college reunions, and don’t miss the grand finale Saturday night – a Star-Studded Extravaganza at the Galleria from 5PM – 10:30PM. Laugh with nationally known Rodney Perry and Comic View All-Stars. Dance to Colin Dussault’s Blues Project, The Dave Morgan Sextet with vocalist Nicole K, and the latest sounds from DJ Ant Dog. Taste tempting treats from fine chefs. Get more details or order tickets by contacting 216-687-2078 or www.CSUOhio.edu
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Pixies lead off the CMJ Music Fest This year, Cleveland gets a healthy serving of music that’s hyping up the city’s summer. Alt rock from The Pixies will lift off CMJ’s opening on Wed 6/8 at 7:30PM at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, later at Scene Pavilion. With 100 other local and national bands lined up to play, this will be a great rock experience that will span the city, with shows hitting the Beachland Ballroom, The Odeon, Peabody’s, The Agora, and the Grog Shop. More than 1,100 acts applied for the gig, and you can find out who made the cut. Luminaries such as Grand Master Flash are scheduled to speak, and the fest is expected to draw up to 20,000 music enthusiasts and music industry professionals. Read the story here and check the site http://www.CMJ.com/rockfest

Declaration of Interdependence The roundup of the 3/14 Northeast Indiana Regional Economic Summit included some eye-opening summaries. Both Northeast Ohio and countries such as Ireland think collaboration is the key to job growth, but speakers hinted that regionalism is a sticky subject, more difficult to achieve than to discuss. The primary issue facing businesses locally is the workforce; in our region, nearly 4,000 jobs were not filled due to a skilled worker shortage. See story here.

Summer in the City at Lock 3 Live! Over in Akron, they call it a mini-Blossom Music Center. Last summer, about 50,000 people attended numerous festivals, concerts and events on the green at the eight-acre, open-air arts and entertainment complex Lock 3 Live!, right in the heart of downtown Akron, next door to the newly restored Akron Civic Theatre. And since it’s run by the City and the University of Akron, ticket prices are way low and accessibility is way high. This year’s arts and entertainment offerings at Lock 3 Live! are busting out fun-themed festivals, concerts and events. A new addition to this year’s lineup is the complimentary concert series storming the stage every Friday evening from 7/1 to 9/2, dubbed “Rock the Lock.” This fine event now joins family favorites, including the Ragin’ Cajun Fest, the Polka Heritage Festival, 3rd annual Gospel Fest, Weekend at Woodstock, The British Are Coming, and Smooth Jazz Holiday. New themed celebrations include Summit Thunder (with an accompanying motorcycle show), Day of Reggae, and a Lock 3 Reading Festival. Get reduced-price tickets by calling E.J. Thomas Hall Ticket Office at 330-972-7570 or visiting http://DestinationDowntownAkron.com/lock3

12 Dinners 12 Dancers An awesome, innovative program for engaging and building dance audiences. Make reservations to mix it up with a commendable group of performance artists: the dancers of Verb Ballets. Savor a gracious dinner, meet new friends and creative individuals, and hear their experiences in the world of entertainment and performance. These events support one of the finest performance organizations in North America. The first session is Carmina Burana, beginning Sat 4/16 at 7PM. For location, reservations and more info, call Verb Ballets at 397-3757. http://www.VerbBallets.org

LAMP developers sought Cool Cleveland may appear to be a simple e-mail newsletter, but under the hood, it’s a sophisticated media outlet. Running on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), we’re developing state-of-the-art systems using open source software. Whether you’re an individual or an area company, if you think you’ve got the chops and want to be part of the coming technology shift, send an e-mail to Letters@CoolCleveland.com highlighting your LAMP skills and passion.

Jacobs Field makes Top 10 Finally, Cleveland has joined the ranks of the highly-rated. Our city grabbed 3rd place for Jacob’s Field, in the Editor’s Choice selection at MSN.com. See story here.

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Pop Culture and Brain Power Spectrum: the Lockwood Thompson Dialogues is a program designed to engage our community in a series of conversations focusing on visual and pop culture. Spectrum’s first guest, V.S. Ramachandran, Ph.D., will speak Sun 4/17 at 2PM. Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition, Ramachandran lectures widely on art, visual perception, and the brain. Published in scientific journals, he is author of the critically acclaimed book Phantoms in the Brain and will sign his new book, A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness, at the event. Moderating is Jaron Lanier, best known as the founding contributing editor of Wired Magazine and for coining the term “virtual reality.” Free and open to the public, the event will be held in the Main Library, Louis Stokes Wing Auditorium, E. 6th Street and Superior Avenue. Contact www.cpl.org or 623-2869 for more information.
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Pop The Top The Pop Shop Art Gallery and Studio is bringing a new flare to the Westside of Cleveland, and will satiate the popular demand for inventive pop culture art. Located on the corner of Madison and Cordova, this gallery will attract fans of the avant-garde. Visit this unpredictable gallery to wine and dine with twelve of Cleveland’s top artists. The gallery’s Pop the Top opening exhibit will be held on Sat 5/21 from 6-9PM. Call 262-5377 or 440-724-9261. The Pop Shop Art Gallery and Studio, 17020 Madison Avenue in Lakewood. Email faultline3@hotmail.com

Rainbow partners with Virtools and launches a new web site, the Rainbow Virtual Playground. It’s part of Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Kids Healthy Play program, and the use of online games and activities at the Virtual Playground will create a connection point for patients in the hospital and family and friends at home. Virtools.com, the leading solutions provider for interactive 3D applications, assisted in creating Rainbow’s first videogame, MedEvac 911, a game that’s exploring the benefits of gaming in the hospital context. Following up on Rainbow’s successful venture into gaming for the International Children’s Games, MedEvac 911 puts players in the pilot’s seat of the hospital’s emergency flight helicopter. Players fly through downtown Cleveland, past the Rock Hall and Browns Stadium, all the way over to Tower City. Children at the hospital can challenge siblings and friends to play online. Read story here and here.

Poetry is better for the brain and exercises the mind more than a novel, according to psychologists at Scotland’s Dundee and St. Andrews universities. Their findings reveal that poetry guarantees more eye movement, which is associated with deeper thought. See story here and here.

Live/work building fails inspection Artists have been doing it for years: living and working (illegally) in Cleveland’s plentiful and cheap industrial warehouses ($450/month for 1700 sf). But after a complaint, the city cracked down on 2310 Superior, in the heart of Cleveland’s live/work artist district, kicking out the artists. Councilman Joe Cimperman got legislation passed to allow live/work spaces, but the building code needs to be re-written, like California’s, to enforce cost-effective upgrades only on the residential portions. Read the story here. Write Cimperman with your thoughts here: Ward13@ClevelandCityCouncil.org, and then cc: us at Cool Cleveland here: Letters@CoolCleveland.com

Cleveland film seeks Cleveland music Does your band have tunes that are movie-worthy? 216 Films is seeking songs from local bands for its short film comedy, Guys. Shot entirely in Lakewood with an all Cleveland cast and crew, Guys tells the story of four friends who reunite for a night out on the town after one of them gets engaged. They’re specifically looking for songs in the rock, punk and alternative genres. Send your sample discs to: 216 Films, PO Box 235, Avon Lake, Ohio, 44012 or email Joe Ostrica at joe@216films.com

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Mozart & Mitsuko The Cleveland Orchestra is proud to feature Mitsuko Uchida’s mastery of the piano at Severance Hall. Accompanied by The Cleveland Orchestra she will astound you with four of Mozart’s beloved works for piano. This balanced and personable artist has been quoted as saying, “Sometimes I’m asked if I would pay to give concerts, and I would – but instead they pay me. Aren’t I lucky?” We’re all lucky that an artist of this level will be available in Cleveland for three not-to-be-missed performances! Performances are scheduled April 14th-16th at Severance Hall. For tickets please go to http://www.clevelandorchestra.com, http://www.mitsukouchida.com or call (216) 231-1111.
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Rock and Roll memories in Cleve Clevelander Carlo Wolff is planning a Cleveland: Rock ‘n’ Roll Memories book, along the lines of Gail Bellamy’s book of pictures and anecdotes, Cleveland: Food Memories. The idea is to quote Clevelanders on their fondest memories of rock ‘n’ roll, and the period will span the Moondog ball in the early ’50s to the opening of the Rock Hall in 1995. Please find a few minutes to write down your fondest memory of Cleveland Rock ‘n’ Roll and email it to CWolff7827@aol.com.

Focus on photography Gallery owners Kristien and Marina Marquez opened the Gallery Of Photographic Arts to expose Cleveland to relevant art with a critically social view. The two prefer to feature photo art that teaches and speaks to audiences about improving the world around them. Before the couple launched GOPA, they fashioned their home into a gallery space called Creative Impetus Gallery. They’re hoping for success that has landed at photo-only galleries in San Diego, Toronto, and Pittsburgh; let’s hope their efforts are appreciated locally. Their exhibit Latin America Exposures closes on Sat 4/30, making way for the next show, Through Students’ Eyes, featuring photos shot by younger photographers. GOPA, 2512 Church Ave. at West 25th in Ohio City. Read the story here.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and ClevelandWomen.com has loads of information on their website; you’ll also see they’re promoting their cell phone collection program for victims and potential victims of domestic violence. Find out where to drop off your old or unused cell phones at here and visit here.

Smoking to support the arts An additional sin tax could be augmenting the arts industry revenue, as research shows that the public approves of these types of tax increases more than others, such as property-tax. State law would have to change to allow the city’s commissioners to generate a governing board for the arts district. If legislators make this happen, then the board could create an arts and cultural district, which would then be designated as taxable. Still, there’s no guarantee that the proposal will become a reality, and the arts-based tax would not go onto the ballot until 2006. Read the story here and let us know your thoughts on a tax for the arts: Letters@CoolCleveland.com

The photo of Paul “Froggy” Schneider was taken by his wife, Jodie “Tyger” Schneider.
The correct URL for The Coral Company, owners of Shaker Square and other properties, is: http://www.TheCoralCompany.com

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She’s Gotta Lotta Sole Bad Dates is a comedy about a feisty single mother in New York City, who, after spending years away from the dating world (to raise her teenage daughter and develop her inclination as a restaurateur), jumps back in only to find herself on the wrong side of the law, not to mention the Romanian mob. Witty and laugh-out-loud funny, Bad Dates playing April 19th through May 15th presents a stream-of-consciousness look at relationships and one woman’s quest for the perfect pair of shoes. The Cleveland Play House is located at 8500 Euclid Avenue and tickets start at $34. Join us for “Young Professionals Night” Thur 4/28 at 6:30PM. $25 for Cool Cleveland readers includes appetizers, hip music, backstage tours and a ticket to Bad Dates. For information contact 216-795-7000, extension 4 or click here:www.ClevelandPlayHouse.com
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Cool Cleveland This Week


Send your cool events to: Events@CoolCleveland.com

Face, Place and the Hope for Community See Euclid Public Library’s opening reception for the Face, Place and the Hope for Community group show. The photo exhibit will feature ten Euclid High School students and staff and their attempts to capture the meaning of “community” through a camera lens. This winter, disposable cameras went into the hands of ten students and staff at Euclid High School. Over the next two weeks they combined to take over 270 photos to illustrate their view of “community”. Curators of the exhibit are Tracy Wienhold, a 1999 Cleveland Institute of Art graduate and photography teacher at Euclid High School and Kent Smith, a Euclid School Board member. It’s on view Wed 4/13 during library hours. Euclid Public Library, 631 East 222nd St. in Euclid.

Tri-C JazzFest arrives once again during its 26th year of showcasing world-renowned and rising stars, from hard-bop to hip-hop and everything you could imagine. Treat yourself to an electrifying mix of traditional and contemporary jazz, hosted at nine venues showcasing fifteen diverse national and local acts. Swing by the kick-Off Party with Ernie Krivda, tenor saxman, who’ll receive the Cleveland Jazz Legend award and will appear with the Fat Tuesday Big Band and special guests at the House of Blues on Wed 4/13; doors open at 5PM followed by award presentation at 7PM. It’s at House of Blues, 308 Euclid Ave. Then hear an array of legendary talents, including Wynton Marsalis, Al Jarreau, and Sergio Mendez who’ll flood the town with talent on Thu 4/14 thru Sun 4/24; all tickets are available at 241-6000. For detailed festival venue information visit http://www.TriCJazzFest.com

Grand Illusion Lose yourself in illusion as Grand Illusion presents a high energy, modern magic competition. Performers will gather to put out their skills with host Lady Divinity on Wed 4/13 at 8PM. Call 235-9433. Case Western Reserve University’s Amasa Stone Chapel, 10940 Euclid Ave. Visit http://www.IWishMoreThanLifeItselfToAttendAnEveningOfMysteryAndEnchantment.com

Ten Minutes from Cleveland Wonder what would happen if you shopped too long in Legacy Village? And is it possible to fall in love on an RTA train? Explore both sides of the river with this all-in-fun lightly deprecating and appreciating view of life in Cleveland, written by Cleveland’s award winning playwright, Eric Coble on Thu 4/14 at 8PM. Show runs through 5/8. Call 932-6838. Dobama Theatre, 1846 Coventry Rd. in Cleveland Hts. http://www.Dobama.org

First Annual TranslationFest Speak in many tongues during this quirky and educational event, as students from the World Literature Program read from French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, German, and Japanese texts and offer their translations. A Cuban-American law and history professor at Case will read from the Spanish originals of her published poems, which are translated by a student. Come by and enjoy other readings on Fri 4/15 at 4PM. Call 368-2342. Case Western Reserve University’s Guilford House, 11112 Bellflower Rd. http://www.Case.edu/artsci/worldlit/events.htm

Designing Cities in Balance with Nature From fuel cells to organic farms to bike lanes on Euclid Avenue, “sustainability” encompasses a diverse range of activities and organizations that are moving the region toward a better future. There will be three events in April designed to explore and define sustainability in the region. All are without charge and open to the public so don’t miss them on Fri 4/15 from 4-6PM. Cosponsored by the Case Center for Regional Economic Issues (REI) and EcoCity Cleveland. Peter B. Lewis Building, 11119 Bellflower Rd., Room 02. http://www.EcoCityCleveland.org/calendar/networks.htm

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Do it in the Dark Century Cycles invites all of our cycling friends to our Night Rides on the Towpath Trail. The first night ride of the season is scheduled for April 22nd at 8pm. These rides are FUN and FREE! All skill levels are welcome. Rides are usually one and a half to two hours in length, depending on what the group decides. You must have a light and a helmet. Usually, a group goes to the Winking Lizard after the ride and re-lives past cycling adventures. With stores in Rocky River, Solon, Medina and Peninsula we offer a huge selection, outstanding service and professional staff. Come see why we were named one of America’s top 100 bicycle stores for 2005! See the complete schedule of this and other events at http://www.centurycycles.com.
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Sky Lounge: Once Familiar & CURVE It’s the opening party for NY-based Nina Bovasso, who has created a site-specific wall drawing at MOCA as part of the Curve exhibition series. This drawing, along with a pair of her diptychs will be unveiled, and the artist will discuss her process in the Seltzer Rotunda Gallery. Once Familiar, the fourth in MOCA’s Sky Lounge Series, also opens concurrently, and is guest curated by KSU Professor Scott A. Sherer, dismantles, re-imagines and reconstructs ideas and objects that are familiar to us all. Move to smooth Latin-infused soundtrack by DJ misterbradleyp, check out the donations bar and a savory selection of light hors d’oeuvres on Fri 4/15 from 7-10PM. Make sure to hit the after party at 10PM at the V Lounge, located below Vivo. Call 421 8671. MOCA Cleveland, 8501 Carnegie Ave. http://www.MOCAcleveland.org

Dissent: Political Voices Curated by Kristen Baumliér and Craig Lucas, this exhibit explores how political art can be provocative enough to affect action among individuals. Take part and determine for yourself. Share views publicly and collaborate in this interactive exhibition featuring artists who demonstrate a variety of ways to represent dissent and resistance. The exhibition is presented in conjunction with a special online interactive space developed in partnership with Twist Creative: preview the exhibition, watch videos, print your own catalogue, or chat with the artists at SPACES website. Issues surrounding foreign policy, patriotism, globalization, the relationship of man to the natural environment, the effects of war, and the role of the media are scrutinized. The SPACES reception is without charge and open to the public on Fri 4/15 from 6-10PM. Call 621-2314. SPACES, 2220 Superior Viaduct. http://www.SpacesGallery.org

Hats Off to Cleveland Cleveland’s Historic Warehouse District and Ohio Canal Corridor have teamed up to revive a downtown spring tradition. Drink complimentary Heineken, Amstel Light or Miller Lite; munch on food faire from China Sea and Rascal House; try your luck in a game of chance in the Bank Vault Casino; or dance to the music of Packey Malley. Remember to wear a hat; it’s a hat party and good stuff will be awarded in three categories. Doors open Fri 4/15 at 6PM; for info and tickets call 520-1825 or visit http://www.OhioCanal.org. Ameritrust Rotunda, East Ninth and Euclid Ave.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival The world’s best climbing, extreme sports, and mountain culture films are coming to Cleveland, where you can witness award-winning films which travel to over 180 cities. The festival has fascinated Cleveland audiences for the past seven years, where it has played to sold-out crowds every year featuring an elite showing of the best films. Experience the extreme within films that dare to raise your blood pressure on Fri 4/15 at 7:30PM and Sat 4/16 at 7:30PM. Call 330-452-6323 for tickets. At Ohio Theatre at Playhouse Square Center, 1501 Euclid Ave. Get info at http://www.NorthCoastSports.net

Madame Butterfly Under the director of renowned conductor Robert Chumley, Cleveland Opera bursts on the scene of its 29th season with opera’s greatest love story, featuring sopranos Guiping Deng and Kaori Sato in a return engagement, as Cio-Cio San fatefully weds the reckless Lieutenant Pinkerton, Fri 4/15 thru Sun 4/17 only, at the State Theatre, Playhouse Square. Call 575-0903. http://www.ClevelandOpera.org

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Martinis On Us For a limited time (by May 31), when you schedule a tour of the peerless townhomes of The Courtyards of Severance, you will receive a certificate good for two top-shelf martinis at Fire Restaurant, located at the incomparable Shaker Square! See for yourself what the Courtyards buzz is all about….five award-winning floor plans, liberating maintenance-free living, 50% tax abatement, exquisite designer-quality finishes, a short commute to University Circle and Downtown, minutes from restaurants, entertainment & shopping, a city park,..…the list goes on and on. Off Mayfield Road between Warrensville Center and South Taylor Roads in Cleveland Heights, The Courtyards of Severance is one of the most sought after addresses in the Heights area. See for yourself and enjoy Martinis on Us! For information call 216.382.8100 or to www.thecourtyardsofseverance.com
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Studio of 5 Rings is rolling out its closing reception for Dagmar Amrhein’s New York City Collection. Sip hand-crafted Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay or red berry Zin while enjoying the collection. Here is your opportunity to own fine NYC art with most pieces selling at the perfect price on Sat 4/16 between 12-6PM. Studio of 5 Rings, 2400 Superior Avenue, 2nd Floor of the Futon Factory. http://www.StudioOf5Rings.com/DagmarNYC.htm

Contemporary Vision Series Charlotte Blake-Alston, a thought-provoking artist, strikes at the heart of the storytelling renaissance and models African griots, who are the keepers of traditions and stories in African villages. She was the first storyteller ever to perform with the Philadelphia Orchestra, and she’ll be in Cleveland for one day only on Sat 4/16 at 2PM. It’s presented by Tri-C Center for Arts & Culture; call 987-2741. The Ohio Theatre at Playhouse Square, 1501 Euclid Ave. http://www.PlayhouseSquare.com and http://www.tri-c.edu/about/default.htm

Shaker Lakes Outdoor events These events are without charge and offered to families and people of all ages. Return of the Migrants is a nature walk that explores why many migrants return now and what they are doing. Meet at the front door of the exhibit area just prior to walk on Sat 4/16 and Sunday 4/17 from 3:30 to 4:30PM. The Audubon Bird Walk will be led by expert volunteers, and is designed for those who are early to rise; walk will be held Sun 4/17 at 7:30AM. Call 321-5935 x228. Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, 2600 South Park Blvd. http://www.ShakerLakes.org

CleveEvents Appreciation Party Featuring music by Cleveland’s outstanding DJs Jugoe, Mick Boogie, and other spinners on Sat 4/16 from 8PM to 2AM. Get in the door with complimentary admission; send an email before Thu 4/14 at 5PM to CleveEvents@yahoo.com. Located at the V Lounge, 347 Euclid Ave.

Community Day of Arts Admission to the Orange PTA Arts and Crafts Show, which features over 70 artists and craftspeople from around Northeast Ohio and a variety of children’s activities, is open to the public. See the beautiful hand-made art, crafts and jewelry and enjoy spending guilt free on Sun 4/17 from 11-5PM at Moreland Hills Elementary School, off of Chagrin Blvd. between Lander Circle and SOM Center Rd (Rt. 91) in Pepper Pike.

Spectrum: Truth, Technology, and the Visual/Virtual World is a program of public conversations tackling issues that impact visual and popular culture on Sun 4/17 at 2PM, as neurologist Vilayanur Ramachandran speaks about art, visual perception and the brain. The event is moderated by Jaron Lanier, computer scientist, visual artists, and author. It’s presented by the Cleveland Public Library. Louis Stokes Wing Auditorium, E. 6th St. and Superior Ave. http://www.CPL.org/spectrum

WCLVnotes There’s more live music coming up on WCLV 104.9 FM during the forthcoming weeks. This Sunday at 3:00 PM, organist Todd Wilson and Cleveland Orchestra principal trumpet Michael Sachs present a program of Organ and Trumpet music from Severance Hall. On Wednesday, April 20th, the Cavani String Quartet with guest cellist Alisa Weilerstein will be heard in music by Mozart, Hallman and Schubert from Kulas Hall. On Friday, April 22nd, the Oberlin Chamber Orchestra conducted by James Gaffigan airs from Severance Hall. And don’t forget that beginning April 30th, the Saturday evening concerts of The Cleveland Orchestra will be broadcast live through the end of the season. WCLV most likely presents more live music programming than any other radio station in the country. A Cool Cleveland partner http://www.WCLV.com

American Boychoir Concert The nation’s premiere boy choir, out of Princeton, New Jersey, will perform Sun 4/17 at 3PM. Don’t miss their first appearance in Cleveland in years. Call 226-6974. The Shrine Church of St. Stanislaus, 3649 East 65th St. in Slavic Village. http://www.Ststanislaus.org

ArtCares A collaborative effort by Cleveland Institute of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, and the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland celebrates contemporary art and provides opportunities to bid on original pieces in a variety of media. The ticket covers wine, an array of fine foods, an ice cream bar provided by Ben & Jerry’s, silent and live auctions, and parking at the posh event on Sun 4/17 from 6–9PM. All proceeds go to ATGC. MOCA Cleveland, 8501 Carnegie http://www.ArtCares.com

An Evening of Chopin Romance yourself and someone who you’d like to get intense with, during this event to benefit the Cleveland Public Theatre. Polish composer and virtuoso pianist Frederick Chopin is considered by many to be the model of 19th-century Romanticism. This will be an intimate evening of music-making in a jewel of a chamber music hall, recently made available to acoustic and classical music performances and theatrical productions. A wine with cheese refreshment reception with the artists hits on Sun 4/17 at 7PM. Grab your tickets at the door or call 961-4242 x239. St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church, 6203 Detroit Ave. http://www.CPTonline.org

Emerging Technology Workshop Series Space and technology merge in this excessively cool event, Seeking Research Partnerships in Aerospace: Power and Propulsion Technologies. Find out about available partnership and research opportunities by attending this presentation. Small businesses will meet with university and industry representatives to learn how their research can be enhanced in aerospace power and propulsion technologies. Check it out Tue 4/19 from 1-4PM; it’s presented by Ohio Center for Advanced Propulsion and Power (OCAPP) and the Ohio Aerospace Institute. Register in advance by calling 440-962-3113. The Ohio Aerospace Institute, 22800 Cedar Point Rd. http://www.OAI.org

CIA Industrial and Interior Design Student Spring Show Young designers will be at this event to discuss their work with audiences. The work spans across a variety of disciplines, including transportation, toys, products and interiors. CIA helps designers develop solutions and integrate them into their pieces; see what young minds in Cleveland are creating at the opening reception on Tue 4/19 from 5:30-8:30PM. Call 421-7929. Cleveland Institute of Art, 11141 East Blvd. http://www.CIA.edu/academic/undergraduate/industrialdesign

Syzygy is a progressive group exhibition that will feature paintings and works heavily in demand by John Currin, Uwe Henneken, Barnaby Furnas, Craig Kucia, Faris McReynolds, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Raymond Pettibon, Dirk Skreber, Stella Vine and Kehinde Wiley. Shaheen Modern and Contemporary Art will open up their doors on Tue 4/19 to welcome the public to this anticipated show, with an opening reception on Fri 4/22 from 5:30-8PM. Alongside Syzygy, Shaheen will also be presenting an outstanding selection of recent photograms by Cleveland-based photographer and filmmaker Bruce Checefsky. For info call 233-3376. Shaheen Modern and Contemporary Art, 740 Superior Avenue, Suite 101.

Our Homes, Our Future Presented by LakewoodAlive, is a community forum on housing. Hear local and regional experts speak on the critical role housing plays in our city’s economic future, with ideas for housing revitalization and investment also being presented. Questions will be entertained from the audience each night; it happens on Tues 4/19 and 4/26 at 7PM. Beck Center Armory, behind Beck Center at 17801 Detroit Ave. http://www.LakewoodAlive.com

Peace Corps Open House A great opportunity for anyone who has ever entertained the thought of joining the Peace Corps and for teachers to learn about the resources available to help schools meet social studies requirements. All are invited to take a walk through the ‘Earth Balloon,’ a 22-foot inflatable model of earth to learn about time zones, the ring of fire, rain forests, population clusters, migration, and humankind’s impact on the earth on Wed 4/20 at 5:30PM. Tri-C Eastern Campus, 4250 Richmond Road, Highland Hills. http://www.Rpcv.org/openhouses

Send your cool events to: Events@CoolCleveland.com

Cool Cleveland People
Playwright Eric Coble

Cleveland Heights playwright Eric Coble has had a hot couple of years. He’s had a NEA playwriting residency at the Cleveland Play House; an AT&T Award and an Off-Broadway run for his Macbeth-in-preschool comedy Bright Ideas; a recent commission from the Actors’ Theatre of Louisville. On Friday, his newest comedy hits Cleveland – a tongue-in-cheek valentine to our funky neighborhoods and landmarks, Ten Minutes to Cleveland opens at Dobama Theater where Coble has premiered much of his work. Cool Cleveland’s Linda Eisenstein caught up with him at the Cleveland Play House, where they’re colleagues in CPH’s Playwrights’ Unit. See Eric’s play Ten Minutes to Cleveland, opening on Thu 4/14 at 8PM, running through 5/8 at Dobama Theatre http://www.dobama.org.

Cool Cleveland: Tell us about Ten Minutes to Cleveland. The show sounds just so “Cool Cleveland.”
Eric Coble: Maybe I should have called it Ten Cool Minutes to Cleveland. It’s my celebration of all things Cleveland. I thought it would be interesting to make a specific play about Cleveland, and a coherent theme – seeing how the locations impacted the people in it. I tried to write ten short plays that were very distinctly location-based – where, say, the scene that takes place in Tremont couldn’t take place in Legacy Village, or the one on the RTA couldn’t take place in the Flats. It seemed especially suitable because it’s taking place as the last show in Dobama’s Coventry space…
Read Cool Cleveland People with Eric Coble here

Cool Cleveland Sounds

Cleveland’s Kassaba are playing this Fri 4/15 at the Cool Cleveland Jazz Night Out as part of the Tri-C JazzFest. Join us by scoring your discount tix by midnight Thu 4/14 here

How many (music) quartets can you name that feature two pianos, saxophones and bass, plus some 20 or so small percussion instruments? An abundance of musical energy from various genres and textures and countries happily came together in Cleveland when Candice Lee, a piano student at CIM preparing to accompany a violinist, decided she needed a page turner for the music, and “out of a clear blue sky, she asked me!” The wonder of it all is still apparent in those words by Greg Slawson, at the time a fellow piano student at CIM, and founder of the above-described quartet, Kassaba…
Read the Cool Cleveland Sounds CD review by Kelly Ferjutz here

According to the promotional materials, Kassaba is a “novel quartet featuring piano, bass, saxophones and numerous unusual percussion instruments from many different nations…” What’s novel about it? Being there really is nothing new under the sun, I wouldn’t go so far as to use “novel” to describe Kassaba, however, what is unusual about this group is their switching from one instrument to another during performance, for instance, pianist and composer Greg Slawson will move from his piano to claves…
Read the Cool Cleveland Sounds CD review by Laura Varcho here

Cool Cleveland Commentary
Nature’s Half Acre
By George Bilgere

Many years ago, when I was a child, my father took me to the theater to see a Walt Disney movie called Nature’s Half Acre. The movie depicted the lives of the many small and medium-sized creatures living in a bog-like area in a woods somewhere. Even though the area was very small, there was a whole, thriving community… When I came to Cleveland in the early nineties I found my own little Nature’s Half Acre, where the ecosystems of University Heights and Shaker Heights intersect at the shopping center on Fairmount Circle. There was a little bar and restaurant called Norton’s, where students and faculty could eat dinner or meet for beers. There was a travel agency called Travel World…. But things change very quickly in this country. Now Norton’s has become Pizzazz. Travel World, devastated by 9/11, has become a coffee shop, part of a Cleveland chain of coffee shops, and no one there knows your name. Bella’s old world deli disappeared one night and emerged as an elegant little take out place for upscale locals, who leave their SUV’s idling at the curb as they run in to buy designer lasagna at ten dollars a pound. Campus Drug has been replaced, like almost everything else in his country, by an acronym. It’s called CVS, and it’s identical to a million other CVS stores dotting the nation….America doesn’t like old things. We thrive on the new. The moment something becomes old we tear it down…
Read Nature’s Half Acre by George Bilgere here

Instant Karma
Quick reviews of recent events
Going out this weekend? Take along your PDA and your digital camera. Scratch out a few notes to send us with a picture of it for our Instant Karma real-world reviews of what’s really happening. We’d love to hear from you. Send your stuff to Events@CoolCleveland.com

Verb Ballets @ Cleveland Public Theatre 4/7-10
We went to see Verb at CPT on Saturday night. Usually Verb has something exciting and unbelievable in store; remember when they announced they were doing Appalachian Spring or the Anthony Tudor ballet? Surely, one thought, they couldn’t do justice to that! But they did, and then announced another high profile work. They just keep topping themselves. Saturday’s program was a change. Instead of a Cleveland premiere of some high profile piece, the emphasis was more on the homegrown…
Read the review by Victor Lucas here

Ohio Dance Theatre @ the Ohio Theatre 4/8
We’d heard about Ohio Dance Theatre, but this was our first chance to see them. Looking around the theatre before curtain we remarked as usual on the compartmentalization of the dance audience. Each company seems to have its own following with surprisingly little overlap. ODT presented an extreme case; we didn’t recognize a single soul in the audience. Still it was a good house; ODT apparently brought their own following from the Oberlin area and a tie-in with Cleveland’s Hispanic community brought in a youth group…
Read the review of ODT by Victor Lucas here

Broadway @ CSU’s Waetjen Auditorium 4/9
You see the word “Broadway” surrounded by blinking lights, and immediately your mind says ‘entertainment! Right on. It was the glittery and glitzy and wonderfully tuneful parts of Broadway that were on display at Saturday evening’s concert by the North Coast Men’s Chorus at CSU’s Waetjen Auditorium. Along with smaller songs, there were the full-throated numbers, and, just for good measure, each half ended with a show-stopping production number featuring a few members as dancers. This was not the sort of show you could see just any-old-place! It takes special talents and hearts to put on such a hilarious yet heart-warming spectacle as these talent-laden gentlemen provide. Colored spotlights and mirror balls lit up the auditorium in their special ways even before the chorus took the stage and formally welcomed the audience with Wilkommen from “Cabaret”…
Read the review by Kelly Ferjutz here

Yr Turn
Cool Cleveland readers write
We encourage our readers to speak out by sending us letters and commentary. Send your letters to Letters@CoolCleveland.com. You must include your full name (required) and you may include your e-mail address (optional). You may also create a new Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail e-mail address and submit it with your letter. Letters submitted to Cool Cleveland, or edited portions, may be published in an upcoming issue of Cool Cleveland at our discretion.

Send your letters to: Letters@CoolCleveland.com

On gaming in Cleveland (See Gaming interests meet in secret here) As a native NE Ohioan and present citizen of Las Vegas with 17 years of casino employment I was fairly amused, but not at all surprised, by your readers responses to the possibility of casino gaming coming to town. In the previous attempts to pass this idea my theory has always been the same as to why Ohioans have been reluctant, to say the least. The remark from one reader about “slimy casino operators,” Ohio has such a big “mob” history and the perception of “mob activity” in casino gaming is WAY out of date. Casino gaming is now run by multi-billion dollar conglomerates whose main concern is, of course, making money, but they don’t minor in drugs, prostitution, and murder. Ohioans main concern should be all that Ohio money leaving the state to go play somewhere else. As far as another writers comparison to the New Orleans situation, New Orleans is a lot more of an entertainment related economy, like here in Las Vegas their economy relies on entertainment to begin with, in Ohio, while there is plenty of diverse entertainment options, there economy is not based on it to begin with, and new entertainment options would add to the new job additions. I am not going to try to sell this to you, I am biased on the subject, I would love to see casino gaming in Ohio because I would like to move back home and have a well paying job in the gaming industry, so don’t think of me as an unbiased observer, just trying to point out some popular misconceptions.
from Cool Cleveland reader Tom Ross Rockertom1958@aol.com

On Cool Cleveland I want to thank you for this fantastic mailing every couple of days. Having just moved here to run the MFA Program and shake up the Play House – it is invaluable listing of events I am hungry for.
from Cool Cleveland reader Mark Alan Gordon magordon@clevelandplayhouse.com

On Cool Cleveland’s Red Night Out on 4/2 (See photos here) Thank you for turning myself and a couple of hundred other first time “Red Heads” onto Red {an orchestra}. As a promoter of the arts one of the challenges is to motivate people to experience something new. As I networked at the pre-party and sat in my seat I spoke with countless people that have never experienced the orchestra. Based on the reaction from the audience most of them, myself included, will be back. Kudos to CC and what’s next!
from Cool Cleveland reader Marc Jacobson marcj@adpro.net

What’s next… is the Cool Cleveland Jazz Night Out on 4/15 in the secret Hermit Club, with a major discount before midnight Thu 4/14 here

Send your letters to: Letters@CoolCleveland.com

Top 5
Cool Cleveland analyzes each week’s issue and tracks which articles were clicked the most. This gives you an indication of the articles that were most popular with Cool Cleveland readers. Here are the Top 5 from last week’s issue, with one more chance for you to click.

1) Cleveland columnist wins Pulitzer Connie Shultz is this year’s winner for best commentary in the country, in any newspaper, anywhere. Read the article here.

2) Cool Cleveland Interview Elizabeth Flynn who is Verb Ballets’ dancer and trustee. Read the article here.

3) Key gives $1 million for Entrepreneur Development Center The Key Foundation has given Cuyahoga Community College $1 million to develop a center to assist aspiring entrepreneurs. Read the article here.

4) Shaker Square set for renaissance Cleveland developer Peter Rubin of The Coral Company acquired Shaker Square after the former owners handed it back to the bank and skedaddled out of town. http://www.ShakerSquare.net

5) Danceworks 05 with Verb Ballets Contemporary Artists Collection challenging is your cultural perceptions of dance. Step into the extraordinary sight and sound expression with works including Sleep Study and The Memory Room. http://www.VerbBallets.org

Cool Cleveland Writer
Laura Kennelly

April is National Poetry Month, and for the next few weeks, Cool Cleveland will be celebrating local poets. This week, read the work of Laura Kennelly, a freelance arts journalist in the Cleveland area. Originally from Texas, she moved to Cleveland in 1996 and finds the culture here much more exotic — delightful and diverting — than the natives seem to realize. Her publications include the books of poetry, The Passage of Mrs. Jung, and A Certain Attitude as well as numerous articles on various topics both scholarly and popular. Recently she’s been giving her Considered Opinion on WCLV (104.9) of concerts by The Cleveland Orchestra, Red, and Apollo’s Fire.

Helen with Insomnia at the Clavier
By Laura Kennelly
from her book A Certain Attitude, Pecan Grove Press, 1995

Paris was not the first. Did you think he was? How quaint.
There was Agamemnon, yes. His own brother.
At my wedding feast he fondled my breasts,
laughed, called my husband a lucky man.
After a while resisting seemed more
trouble than it was worth.
He loved me. But loved her, Clytemnestra, too. He said.
I think he loved power rich life more.
But his was a nasty family: ate each other.
That he didn’t carry me off was all right.
It was less all right with Odysseus. No one
ever dreamed that when I walked long walks at
night I did not walk alone. No one ever saw
how we twined and tangled and became one,
startling night birds from the trees we sported
under. His stories, his laugh, his lips I could
have hung on forever…
Read the poem by Laura Kennelly here

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